XW3DT on the air

Many HAM’s have visited me during the last 25 years. One of the best memories is the visit of UV3DPP, later RK3DT, Alex from Moscow. I used to talk daily to him over the radio, at that time there was no internet at all. We are about the same age so we had to discuss a lot of thinks : radio, women, beer, the daily life of two youngsters. There were remarkable differences between us, Russia was still CCCP and the daily life overthere was rather tough. Alex was still studying and living with his mother on a small flat in Moscow city.

RK3DTOne day he told me to come over to the “west” and if it was possible to stay overnight for a few days … And he did ! We had a great time together, Alex for the first time in his life discovering the luxeries of the “west” … And he teached me the first words in Russian … was active from my station etc

Alex finished his studies as an engineer and I quiet Ham radio so we lost contact. Somewhere in 2012, I just started up my station again after 10 years of radio-silence, I heard XW3DT calling CQ on 12m CW.  I called back and he immediatly came back with my name and “How are you” ? At that moment not realising who he was I said “all OK” and looked up the XW3DT callsign in QRZ.com. Amazing, my good old friend Alex !  We exchanged eamils and yes we are in contact again, worked him yesterday on 15m CW …

What a fantastic hobby HAMradio is !

©2015 ON4VT

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