ONFF-0137 De Kluis Blommerschot Zoersel

OTV_ONFF137Around the freezing point, good for a cold nose ! Funny story about this parc ONFF-0137 De Kluis-Blommerschot  : it’s a former nudist camp. Havn’t seen any “oldtimer” during my activation though 🙂

ON5SWA came on visit as his home QTH is not that far away from this place, you may call him a local.


Conditions not too bad at all : good run with big signals on 40 meter and some good DX on 20 meter : 4K9W, 4Z4DX, HS0ZIV, K2TQC, VE6UX and W1OW.  For a total of 293 QSO’s in 32 DXCC and 4 continents (EU, AF, AS, NA)

©2016 ON4VT

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1 Response to ONFF-0137 De Kluis Blommerschot Zoersel

  1. George Nelis says:

    Hallo Danny, mooie site, alleen snap ik al die technische termen niet 😉 Prettige dag, George

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