Correct eQSLing for /P

eqsl_saveourwoodsAs you all might know already, I’m a big favourite of eQSLing. It’s a wonderfull way of confirming QSO’s where no paper QSL card is needed regarding awards. And be honest, how much of your paper QSL cards are you using to apply for an award ?

The website doesn’t look very modern, okay, and also the standard QSL cards are not looking that good, but free! For a few dollars a year (much much less than printing paper QSL) also this problem is solved and you can use personal cards. If you are not very good in graphic design I’m even offering you to make a good looking eQSL, I’ve made dozens for radiofriends all over the world. Second problem solved.

Adding your log to eQSL is very simple, just uploading your standard ADIF-file. No converting or other troubles … Most current log software has automatic eQSL upload and downlaod on board.

Even when you are activating a lot from /P places (like WWFF and SOTA) it’s not that difficult to send via the same account a different card for every different call and/or QTH. A detailed manual how to do is here : PE4BAS eQSL

That’s also the way I’m doing it … works fantastic. Always an eQSL with the RIGHT CALL and RIGHT reference, if you even want with a different photo. See examples from stations who are doing it already that way : WWFF QSL Gallery and SOTA QSL Gallery

If you are regarding problems with setting up a new account, adding QSL lay-outs and/or different accounts, just contact me at  I’m the first eQSL user in Belgium (since may 2000) and may say rather experienced in this stuff.  Hope to see your e-card very soon!


Danny ON4VT ©2015


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