ONFF-388 Zwart Water activated

ONFF388_OT4V_eQSL A very special this one, my 20th unique activation, all 20 references were 1st time activations. And ONFF-388 was the last one to activate in the province of Antwerp (list may 2015). So this province is now temporarly a blanc spot. ONFF-388 Zwart Water in Lichtaart is enclosed by electric fence. And yes I tested it, it works … hi. The only way to get in the boundaries is to enter the bird-watching hut at the west part of the reserve. First passing a 2km long sandway before reaching this well hidden place. No rain here for some time so except the dust it was not that tough. After setting up my station, with the most beautiful /P shack I ever had, I enjoyed some time the sunsrise over the small lake, with company of a cup of coffee and dozens of birds. Life can be simple ! I started at 05:04 UTC, first QSO my buddy in Alberta Canada, VE6UX, on 20m CW … think he might be the first Canadian to earn some ONFF awards. Solid signals but no other North Americans worked. WWFF is still not alive in that part of the world. The electric fence was a great source of QRM … up to S9 from time to time. Don’t understand the sence of this … ONFF388_011 40m SSB and 20m SSB gave a great pile up with 2 VK’s in the log, one EA8 and several Asians (Asiatic Russia and 4Z4DX). At 8h UTC I had to close down due to my never ending chronic pain problem. But had 207 QSO’s in the log with 28 DXCC and 5 continents. Satisfied about this one !

©2015 ON4VT

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2 Responses to ONFF-388 Zwart Water activated

  1. g4ydmone says:

    Looks like someone is in high demand with the pile-up…73 de John G4YDM

  2. g4ydmone says:

    Reblogged this on G4YDM and commented:
    Looks like someone is in high demand with the pile-up…73 de John G4YDM

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