ONFF-320 Kwarekken “pop-up” activation

OT4V_ONFF320My /P station was still loaded in the car while I took my XYL to here work so why not set it up and do a “pop-up” activation ?

I was already in ONFF-320 Kwarekken back in 2014 but due to bad conditions made only 143 QSO’s. Not enough to have all WWFF-hunters in the log ! So the choice was made very quickly as it is only 10 minutes driving from XYL’s work place. WX was overcasted but dry after a night of rain. For the smell of the bushes only you should do this kind of activation !

Starting as usual on 20m CW with as 3rd station buddy VE6UX, Bob. Great way to start ! The 20m SSB was not that good, mainly EU and some Asiatic Russians, one EA8. Like in tennis, had to take a short “rain-break”. And coffee time !

On 30m a lot of static, only 19 QSO’s in the log. The best run was on 40SSB with nice groundwave conditions and lots of locals in the log.

261 QSO’s with 30 DXCC and 4 continents is the end result, guess ONFF-320 is now in the log of most fanatic WWFF chasers !

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2 Responses to ONFF-320 Kwarekken “pop-up” activation

  1. g4ydmone says:

    All very interesting!! John G4YDM

  2. g4ydmone says:

    Reblogged this on G4YDM and commented:
    Thought you may find this of interest.

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