ONFF 0246 Mispeldonk activated

OT4V_ONFF246I started to activate ONFF-0246 Mispeldonk before sunrise. Not much on 20m at that time. But a very good run on 40m CW with 70 stations in the log in about 1 hour.

Returning to 20m put VK4RF & VK4HA in CW and VK5PAS in SSB in the log, best DX of the day. Ended on 30m with some EU locals.

221 QSO’s in 31 DXCC an 3 continents (EU, AS, OC).

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1 Response to ONFF 0246 Mispeldonk activated

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Danny,

    Not all that strong this time. The 20m band on the long path has been quite poor. But netherless, you’re in the log.

    Best 73 and ’44’,


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