ONFF-0296 Vallei van de Helderbeek


No quantity but quality in the log today : only 133 QSO’s in 4 continents (EU, AF, AS, OC) and 21 DXCC. But some nice DX : VK5PAS/p Park2Park (!), JA8RJE, VK3ATQ, EC8CQ, RV0CG and R0QA.

After my activation buddy and caterer ON3YB/p made about 45 QSO’s from the same reference. A good practice for him with the upcoming “Conquest of the Ardennes” being very close !


ON3EVO made a visit to our activation site.

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1 Response to ONFF-0296 Vallei van de Helderbeek

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Danny,

    Very pleased to get the Park to Park contact with you. I have placed a link to your WordPress site in my post re Beyeria Conservation Park which is located on Kangaroo Island.


    Best 73 and ’44’ mate.


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