ONFF-0109 Grotenhout


The first activation of the new year 2016! ONFF-0109 Grotenhout in Vosselaar-Gierle (AN).

Looks like it’s defenitly winter now in Belgium, I set up the antenna at a temperature of 2.5°C … cold fingers and red nose! Sunny for the rest of the activation.


Started with a good run on 40m phone, 20m was a little less but as best DX VK4RF in the log though (CW & SSB). 30m was not good but the final run on 40m phone gave me a lot of locals with many 59++ signals.

247 QSO’s with 4 continents (EU, AF, OC, AS) and 27 DXCC countries in the log.

©2016 ON4VT

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4 Responses to ONFF-0109 Grotenhout

  1. f4dto says:

    Hi DAny , HAppy NEw year From Franck F4DTO & Patrick F4GFE

  2. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Danny,

    I listened for you on 14.310 whilst I was in Mount Billy Conservation Park on Friday evening (your Friday morning). I could hear you, but you were very very weak. I tried calling a few times but obviously we couldn’t make a park to park from Australia to Belgium. Long path 20m is still very poor.

    Best wishes,


  3. ON4VT says:

    Listened for you too but no copy … next time better … only Rick VK4RF made it … seeya 73 44

  4. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Danny,

    I could hear you, but only just! I called you a few times, but copy was so difficult, I wasn’t even sure if you heard me.

    Best wishes mate,

    Paul, VK5PAS

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