PAFF 0080 Yerseekse Moeren activated

PAFF0080_OT4VOur first WWFF activation outside Belgium : PAFF-0080 in Yerseke, the mussel capital of Holland. A very nice and quiet area with tiny canals and little ponds.

Together with my buddy OR7Z we set up our stations here for a morning CQ /PA.

During our activation we got the visit from Jan, PD3JAG. A very warm and symphatetic fellow living not that far away from Yerseke.


I made 206 QSO’s in 33 DXCC and 4 continents. VK5PAS was the best DX, worked on 20m.

We had a nice after-party with fresh mussels, fries and of course a cool beer!



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1 Response to PAFF 0080 Yerseekse Moeren activated

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Danny,

    Very pleased to have been able to work you again. Thankyou so much for listening out for us down here in VK. It’s a pity that more European WWFF activators didn’t try listening for further afield as well. It would be great to get them in the log.

    Best 73 & ’44’ mate.


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