ONFF-209 Nico de Bouvé activated

Already my 10th ONFF refernce activation ! Something to celebrate ! ONFF-209 Nico de Bouvé in Kampenhout (VB) was never activated before.

eQSL_OT4V_ONFF209Celebration time did not last very long. Public transport in strike and an very bad traffic jam direction Brussels, the way to 209 …

When arrived in the area it was a hell of a job to find the nature park : ded-end streets, one-way streets etc made me coming about half an hour later than planned in the “Vogelzangstraat”. If you ever like to activate this one I might be your guide ! Not one sign to find refering to ‘Nico de Bouvé’ … only a small sign saying this is protected bird area from “DE Wielewaal” … that’s it. Already a bit stressed we started the activation.

The stress disappeared during running the pile-up, in the meantime watching playing rabbits just a few meters before me. This was also the first test for my new portable headset from Heil … needs some fine tuning but it worked.

Also an unicum is that I made a few CW QSO’s ! Very QRS, I’m getting nervous from CW pile-ups and my CW skills are not that good. But we did, something we will do also on next activations. My challenge for 2015 is to be able to manage a CW pile-up !

I ended with 155 QSO’s in 22 DXCC countries.

Where do we go next ?

©2015 ON4VT

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