ONFF-0490 De Maat – Den Diel – Buitengoren


With a temperature of 15c it’s looking like springtime nowadays. So still good to go out : ONFF-0490 De Maat – Den Diel – Buitengoren. As you see in the name, this are 3 different areas but so close to each other they’re counting just for one reference.

This was again a co-activation with my buddy for years OR7Z/ON7YZ Mario.


From all activations so far this was one of the toughest to do … had all kinds of QRM all the time. And feeling not amused with the “deliberate QRM“. Did I something wrong ?

We had the very pleasant visit of two locals : ON3EA Eddy and ON4QM Rik. Always great to have an eyeball QSO !


Only 154 QSO in the log in 28 DXCC and 3 continents (EU, OC, AS). Best DX : VK4RF on 40m CW.

All logs are uploaded to WWFF, LoTW, eQSL and Clublog. If you need paper QSL please use the Clublog OQRS function on the OT4V QRZ.com page !

©2015 ON4VT

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