ONFF 395 De Werft activated


A well hidden and very small reference … might be the reason it never has been activated !  I took a look at it a few days ago and it took me more than one hour to find the sign and a place to operate : ONFF-395 De Werft in Veerle-Laakdal (AN). Not in Averbode (VB) as announced on the ONFF list, will be corrected.

But this abonded area was a paradise to activate. Started at 05:57 UTC with I5FLN Luciano as first station in the log. Temperature 5C and cloudy. Cold nose, feets and hands were soon part of the fun. A good run on 40m with lots of Europeran stations, than QSY to 20 meters. Wide open to VK/ZL but unfortunatly again only 2 VK stations in the log (both with 57 signals on the meter). VK3PSR and faithfull VK5PAS are the lucky ones.

Made also about 25 CW QSO’s on 30 en 20 meters. Sorry guys but you have to be patient with me when in CW … I still hope to improve my CW skills.

Activation stopped at 09:11 UTC with 225 QSO’s in 3 continents and 30 different countries. During this 3 hour activation I have not seen one human being, I really was alone on the world !

And oh yeah, for the first time I did computer-logging,  a good experience that I will continue to do.

Where do we go next ?

©2015 ON4VT

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