ONFF-428 Briqueterie de Rome activated

OT4V_ONFF428_eQSLWe stayed a few days in the south … of course activating some ONFF references. Started with ONFF-428 Briqueterie de Rome, one that was never activated before. This is an abandonned brickworks site well known those days for the population of papillions and dragonflies. A cold wind kept me company the whole morning.

Conditions were not that good at all, not on 40, not on 20. Hardly could hear the ON-stations, no DX on 20 meters at all. It all ended with 219 QSO’s in 33 countries en 2 continents. Not bad with this bad conditions.

Got the visit of the conservator, another local watchman and the forester. Could see the question marks on their faces but all very friendly after telling what I was doing there in the bushes … hi.

A blown up antenna tuner of my TS570D and a broken plug at a coax cable were part of the game.

©2015 ON4VT

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