ONFF 0485 Zammels Broek activated


I’m very often facing those days that the mind says “GO” but the body refuses to follow. That’s simply explained how the life of a chronic pain patient goes on … Today was one of those days … the mind won … but the body is feeling now like having completed a few marathons in a row … OK not too much complaining … ONFF-0485 Zammels Broek was for the first time on the air !

Zammels Broek is the area where I took the photo’s from the kingfisher, also printed on my paper QSL cards.  One of the most beautiful but also most rare birds in Belgium.

Again poor, even very poor conditions on the bands. I started around sunrise and 20m was still very quiet. Had to beg for QSO’s, so QSY to 40m CW and SSB.  Lots of EU and then suddenly VK4RF calling me 40m SSB ! The DX of the day. Ending on 30m with a good EU run, finally 187 QSO (115 SSB & 72 CW) in 28 DXCC and 3 continents.

Faced also a complete “no respect” for /P stations trying to work other WWFF … I called IZ8DFO/0 in IFF-0810, he called me several times as the /P station but others (even some regular WWFF chasers who were already in MY log) kept calling over me. Shame ! A”Park2Park” award for activators is one of my ideas (like S2S in SOTA), but let’s hope to get some more respect for /P stations !

Almost forgot but local ON7IG Mil was on visit for an great eyeball ragchew. Thanks Mil !

Where do we go next ?

©2015 ON4VT

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1 Response to ONFF 0485 Zammels Broek activated

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    G’day Danny,

    I was out yesterday in Giles Conservation Park and Horsnell Gully Conservation Park, and tried 20m from Giles. But propagation was very poor. Didn’t hear you unfortunately.



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