ONFF-384 Mosselgoren activated

eqsl_OT4V_ONFF384Another rather small but nice park in the Antwerp province : ONFF-384 Mosselgoren in Geel. To get into the boundaries of the park I had to carry my /P station for about 200 meters from the car, the place where also the Mosselgoren sign is placed. Setting up the station at sunrise is always great, everything is wakening up. So did a couple of pheasants that proudly showed me their kids. Cute!

Started around 5UTC on 20m CW and the two first stations were from the US followed by my buddy from Alberta Canada : VE6UX. Coincidense, when he called me two Canadian gooses flew over making a hell lot of noise. Lovely start of the day!

Moving to 20m phone I worked a lot of EU station, this time not one VK or any other overseas DX. Worked the pile-up to the bottom and gave a call on 40m phone, great short skip conditons there, more than 100 EU stations within an hour.

After a coffee-break (really missed the ON3FY-catering) and the visit of ON4CEQ I started a run on 30m CW with about 30 stations in the log. Ended with a last run on 20m phone with again only EU stations.

While breaking down and packing a lonely cuckoo was making a lot of noice in the Mosselgoren.

215 QSO’s with 30DXCC in 3 continents. Nice ones : W, VE6, LX, GJ and GU … 48 CW QSO’s

Where do we go next ?



©2015 ON4VT

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2 Responses to ONFF-384 Mosselgoren activated

  1. g4ydmone says:

    Good luck with future portable operation. John Allsopp G4YDM

  2. g4ydmone says:

    Reblogged this on G4YDM and commented:
    Good luck with your next portable location! John Allsopp G4YDM

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