ONFF-321 activated … the story !

With a non-activated ONFF-321 laying in my backyard the choice was easily made what ONFF to activate !  This saturday morning 11 october 2014 I drove well-packed to the bushes …

Everything was prepared and checked double, except the weather : rain ! During erecting my fishingrod-dipole the rod broke … Lucky as we are this was the end of all trouble … antenna plugged in, SWR checked and here we go, the first time the call OT4V is on the air and the first ever activation of ONFF-321, the “Bruggeneindse Goren“. The very first QSO was 2E1GXS … 104 QSO’s in 13 DXCC followed in about 2 hours time.

For me this was the first time in more than 15 years that  I ran a pile up … and the very first time to setup a station in the bushes. What have I learned ?

1. My battery is heavy duty and OK … after two hours still full power ! The antenna works well on 40 meter. For 20 meter I have to make another one.

2. Mosquito-spray is even at this time of the year a must … can’t count the bites …

3. Pile-up behaviour is still as bad as 15 years ago … stations keep calling and calling … and noth only from south Europe ! When I ask for a “DP” station I’m pretty sure I heard it and I will keep trying untill I worked him. Calling over and over will only dramaticly slow up the pile-up .

While you are reading this the eQSL is already on the way. I repeat please NO PAPER QSL, I have not printed any card for OT4V unless I find a good sponsorship !


It was a very fantastic experience and in the future I will activate more ONFF, I will also return to ONFF-321 shortly !

73 Danny ON4VT/OT4V

banner onff-1

©2014 ON4VT

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2 Responses to ONFF-321 activated … the story !

  1. OE4VIE says:

    Hi Danny, fantastic story, pictures and result even if your rod broke, I am sure you had fun. Unfortuantely I was on short holidays without radio, but looking forward your next ONFF activity. Your desk banner looks beautifull….great design! Please let me know when you activate another ONFF. 73/44 Jörg OE4VIE

  2. DVT says:

    Hi Jörg
    If the WX permit I will be active again from ONFF-321 next saturday morning …

    73 44 Danny

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