ONFF-213 Pommelsven Keerbergen activated


Not having my best day (physically) but as my Norwegian buddy LA9XGA always says : “Keep fighting !“. We are both suffering from chronical pain. So my activations are always depending on first how I feel and second the WX and the accessibility of the ONFF reference … I’m not able to carry all the stuff over a long way, also the reason I’m not activating SOTA.

The weather was too good to sit inside despite the never ending pain feeling … so decided to go out and activate another ONFF reference : ONFF-213 Pommelsven in Keerbergen (VB), never activated before.  Conditions were not in my favour : worked “only” 125 stations in 22 different DXCC countries. 40 meter was OK, 20 meter not that good.

During my activation good old friend ON4CB, Kurt, took the time to visit me. Always a pleasure to be able having a talk during the coffee break. Also my second operator “Julleke” was with me this time.

Second operator "Julleke"

Second operator “Julleke”

Take a look at the photo’s to you an idea how “Pommelsven” looks like …

73 44 seeya in next activation !

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