ONFF 471 De Beemden activated



Hot, hotter, hottest! An activation with high summer temperatures of 35°C. But we did it and with 20m in very good shape.

Even too hot now to write a good report …. 224 QSO in 33 DXCC and 4 continents …

On visit : ON6DN Alfons, a local ham and member of the Radio Club Leuven.


Thanks to ON3FY for another FB catering service !


Have to recover from this one ….

©2015 ON4VT

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1 Response to ONFF 471 De Beemden activated

  1. David ON3FY says:

    It was great again, know that some Qso’s were made under menace of some wild and dangerous animals we think, and very close to us so we could hear them, we didn’t got a chance to see them. Some visitors were attackt and bitten by dangerous ants, but we all survived. The 1e ONFF dinner was delicious, in good compagny of “Den John” and his nice food and drinks. Great congratulations to all. Thanks for the invitations Friends.

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