ONFF 438 Langdonken activated

ONFF438_OT4V_PA very early start, 1st station in the log at 4:16 UTC. Great band conditions on 20 meters with a good run both in CW and SSB. DX worked : several W-stations, VE6UX, VE7CV, VK2IO and VK3PRF. 40m SSB wasn’t too bad at all either with 3A2MG as a rare one. 30m CW was a good run with lots of EU in the log.

This pushed me to my personal record scores : 303 QSO in 37 DXCC and 4 continents. 133 CW and 170 SSB contacts.

Not bad as at the same time I was in a massive battle with horseflies and mosquitos. Lost a major amount of blood on the battlefield … hi

N2JF VE6UX_438

©2015 ON4VT

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1 Response to ONFF 438 Langdonken activated

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Danny,

    Sorry I missed this activation. I was at work. By the time I had got home, I think you had moved to 40m. Pleased to see you got some VK’s in the log.

    Best 73 & 44,


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