ONFF-0301 Chartreuzen – en Lindenbos

Again a co-activation with my buddy OR7Z.



Chartreuzen-“hill” is one of the highest points in the regio and well known among bikers as a tough hill to climb.

Conditons were very poor. Fortunatly we got some visit from ON3ZOE, Wim and Flandrien ON6DN Fons. Nice eyeball QSO’s!


I tested out for the first time my FT450D. The rig succeeded in the test with 100% of the points, as well in CW as in phone.


I worked 133 QSO’s in 2 continents. Mario was able to log W1OW as 3th continent.

For sure this was the last activation of the year 2015. Thanks to all chasers for the fun !


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