ONFF 0507 Vorsendonkbos-Turfputten activated


Another new ONFF reference : ONFF-0507 Vorsendonkbos-Turfputten in Gelrode (Aarschot). My 50th unique ONFF reference activated !

I was having a complete off-day but wanted to be superman. So decided to go out though the pain ruled already for a few days. In plus I had a bad operation spot (near the railroad) and after about one hour it started raining.

The only positive on this activation was the meeting with the very friendly conservator of this park. He even gave me a good spot to operate from. But I was too tired to move this time. Will be for the next time, I’m surely going back to this area.

Made 207 QSO in 29 DXCC and 2 continents. The rest of the day I spent on the bed recovering…

©2015 ON4VT

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