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Narrow Bandwide SSTV

I’m very proud announcing the foundation of the N-SSTV Group dedicated to narrow bandwide SSTV on WARC bands. Chinese ? Read all about it on the  N-SSTV GROUP Webpage ! ©2015 ON4VT

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Playing with (exotic) modes Part #1 SSTV

I’ve been QRT for more than 10 years. In my previous radio life I worked RTTY, SSTV, PSK, HELL and some PACKET. Nowadays the amount of (digital) modes is endless. So lately I started to play with as much as … Continue reading

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Back in SSTV

Almost 15 years after I sent my last SSTV picture I’m back in this mode ! (see my SSTV HISTORY) Been trying the HRD SSTV option but this one seems to have a bug inside. Installed MMSSTV 1.13A and digged … Continue reading

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