ONFF 0181 Cassenbroek activated


Cold! The first frost of the 2015 fall … the red nose on the photos is from the cold, not from the gin, hi. ONFF-0181 Cassenbroek was last activated in 2012 by my friend Kurt OR9W/ON4CB. So must be a new one for a lot of hunters.

Conditions again going down during the activation. Worked 157 stations in 30 DXCC en 3 continents (EU, AF, OC). Local conditons focussed on EA-EA8-EA9 with lots of them in the log. Nice newcomer was TK5AE. Best DX was VK3EW on 30m CW (and the one and only VK this time, CW rules!)

And I had to celebrate some little facts too, just one year ago I made my first ONFF activation and today was my 44th WWFF activation. Doing this activations is a big fun for me. I used to hike & bike a lot but due to my chronical pain problem I can’t do that anymore. Now we just sit down in nature and enjoy all the nice fauna & flora. Can you imagine a much nicer view from the shack window than I had in ONFF-0181 while running a CW pile up? The young roes came almost near my car for a look …


On visit was also OR9W/ON4CB Kurt … always nice to have some eyeball QSO’s !

And again my QSL rules : please use the Clublog OQRS box on the OT4V-QRZ.com page to request your paper card (buro or direct) if you really need one. I DON’T NEED YOUR QSL CARD in that way! Easy, fast, free!

eQSL & LoTW still highly preferred ! 


©2015 ON4VT


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