Worked ON4VT 6band AWARD

Worked ON4VT 6 band award

1. Rules

-Work the callsign ON4VT on 6 different bands. All modes allowed, no time distriction

-Only QSO with the SAME callsign count

-Send extract of your log to

-The award is free of charge and will be send in .PNG format (5MB) in printable A4 size

Media toevoegen6band_ON4VT_900

2. Award Holders

#001 OE3SGU Hannes Grünsteidl

#002 KA8G Dave R Terborg (Ohio)

#003 WA2HIP John R Petrocelli (Maine)

#004 N7ORY Robert C Neff (Idaho)

#005 NV6R John W Green (Nevada)

#006 LU8ENU Juan Clemente

#007 KA1ERL Russell J Ferland (Rhode Isalnd)

#008 KR4RO John S Yarbbrough (North Carolina)

#009 UA9CR Alex Prikhodko

#010 SV2HZT Anastasios Tsolakis (SSTV MODE)

#011 W5TMP Terry Partigianoni (Louisiana)

#012 K0TAZ Bob Ahlberg (Kansas)

#013 VE6UX Bob Elsinger

#014 NU0C Jim Shorney (Nebraska)

#015 K0PT Paul E Travis (South Carolina)

#016 VK2LJM Leo Mallon


#018 F-17468 Albert Arnaud (First SWL !!!)

#019 KK4A JAMES H MEACHAM, JR (Alabama)


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