ONFF-447 Mosterdpot activated

eQSL_OT4V_ONFF447A nature park with the most funny name ever : De Mosterdpot, yes “the mustard pot“. Nothing to do with mustard, the old historic farm here is named that way. It’s a very small area close to a highway and a railway. Producing a lot of extra QRM/QRN.

Again very strange conditions, going up and down. Once up not bad as I worked 5 continents : AF, AS, EU, NA and OC. 173 QSO’s in 28 DXCC countries, VK, W, CU, TF … Managed to work again 44 CW QSO’s (sorry for my bad signing and thanks for being patient with me).


I must have disturbed the work of some red forest ants as they assisted me the whole time … rather stupid animals that carry all kind of stuff from one end to another … and bite!

All logs are uploaded to WWFF, LoTW, Clublog (OQRS QSL), QRZ and eQSL.

Where do we go next ?


©2015 ON4VT

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