ONFF-470 Aardgat activated

OT4V_ONFF470_eQSLA new reference on the ONFF-list : ONFF-470 Aardgat in Tienen (VB). Not a very large area, mainly grassfields and a little pool with some nice fauna & flora around.

A very slow start on 20cw, even a slower one on 20SSB. No DX worked at all. Got a brandnew manual antennatuner and I’m able now to tune my G5RVjr on 30m. What a pile up ! Had to go split for a while as the stations kept calling me …. very good run !

Also 40SSB started slowly but once the groundwave condition improved the pile up was rather good. In the meantime the unbeatable catering service from ON3FY arrived.

279 QSO’s, 102 in CW, in 30 DXCC and 2 continents. ONFF-470 is no longer a blank spot!

Thanks again to ON3FY for the catering and for taking some nice photos while I was fighting the pile-up.

Where do we go next ?

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