ONFF 176 Haachts Broek & Antitankgracht activated

OT4V_ONFF176A very special location with a World War II history : ONFF-176 Haachts Broek & Antitankgracht (Anti tank canal/wallet). 3,6 km long and build by the Belgian army to stop the German army. Got this lessons in history from a local 84 year old fellow who visited me during my activation. He still doesn’t understand why a suspicious fellow operates CW in the bushes while a cell phone is so much more handy … lol. He made my day ! And by the way, the canal/wallet didn’t stop the German rush …

Found a very quiet place near the canal, under the oak trees. Wonderful! With a good start on 20m CW. My Canadian buddy VE6UX as best DX. On 20 SSB the catch of the day was NL7V Paul from Alaska …. his 4 element SteppIR did the job !

And for the first time since long some groundwave conditions on 40 meters with lots of locals in the log.

On visit, ON3EVO, Ben …. bitten by the ONFF beast …keep that callsign in mind.

304 QSO’s in 4 continents and 35 DXCC.

eQSL, LoTW, QRZ and Clublog OQRS (please use this function for BURO QSL) are uploaded.

And now up to /PA next saturday !



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