When DX turns into madness

lucia___dx_chick_by_xxzombiehotkillaxx-d5jkbj3Have you noticed lately there’s a major DXpedition going on?  You must have lived in a different world if you didn’t. I’m hoping for you that your children or grandchildren were not with you when monitoring … My collection of swear words has grown again! Are people acting like this worth a licence? My opinion is clear : NO!

The “word of the year” will be probably D-QRM. No that is no DIGITAL-QRM, that is Deliberate-QRM. For one reason or another frustrated HAMs who make QRM in all possible ways on the transmit frequency of the DX-station. Shame! Not one valid reason to do so. But have respect for more unexperienced HAMs. The new transceivers have so much rings and bells that it can happen the SPLIT is not on, TX on wrong frequency or so. I’m catching myself on it from time to time …

Frustration, that’s what I talked about. Why are HAMs frustrated? First reason is not able to work the station. HAMs who want to have a QSO but not succeed in it. Notwithstanding the amplifier business must have been very lucrative lately, this is a possible one. But no reason at all to behave badly. Think “next time better” or maybe need to improve the station …

A second part are the frustated HAM’s who don’t want to work the DX-station but are blown away by 100kHz and more wide pile-ups! When CONTESTs and DXpeditions are going on the IARU Bandplands are non-existing. Is it normal that when you like to work some digital modes on the WARC bands you’re wiped out with a 30kHz wide CW pile-up? I think that the organisers from as well contest as DXpeditions have to think about that too … At the moment nobody is happy about the ongoing situation.

This are my personal thought and I’m sure they will not change the world. In the meantime I’m enjoying the hobby a lot, let me be clear, I’m not a frustrated HAM! When I’m hearing DX madness I’m turning the VFO …

©2015 ON4VT

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1 Response to When DX turns into madness

  1. OE4VIE Joerg says:

    Are people acting like this worth a licence? NO! Exams for getting an HF license getting more and more easier and the loss of a CW exam as prerequisite for HF Bands years ago, was the begining of more DQRM these days…. HAM SPIRIT is only known by very few DXers….this will surely not change in the future.
    I ignore such DQRM by pressing the OFF switch or looking for another QSO partner…the easy way with no frustration! Enjoy DXing!

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