Back in SSTV

Almost 15 years after I sent my last SSTV picture I’m back in this mode ! (see my SSTV HISTORY)

Been trying the HRD SSTV option but this one seems to have a bug inside. Installed MMSSTV 1.13A and digged up some old TX-pictures and there we go …

Looks like a lot is changed except that everybody is still messed up on 14.230 … You will not find me very often there … 21.340 and 28.680 and around are my frequencies to enjoy SSTV …

And I notice everybody using Scottie 2 and Martin 2 modes … why ?   I prefer Martin 1 !

See you in SSTV ?




©2014 ON4VT

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2 Responses to Back in SSTV

  1. Ben says:

    It is the same for me, I have been unactive with SSTV about 10 years. I started working with SSTV in 1986, using homebuild converter. Hope to meet you again.

  2. F4DVX says:

    Hello Danny and re Welcome in SSTV,
    see you soon in SSTV
    F4DVX David
    73 Merry Christmas

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