Wishes and dreams for 2015

hny2May I first wish everybody a happy new year 2015 ! May all your dreams come true and of course a lot of fun with the radio-hobby. I hope we can QSO again or even having the pleasure of making the first contact. My goals for 2015 are completing WAS in as much as possible modes and bands with WAS Triple Play as an extra. For achieving Top Honnor Roll #1 I’m dependent of someone going to KH8/s … Experimenting with all kind of (exotic) digital modes will continue, lots of fun.

Like to improve my antennasystem on 30-40-80 meters … still figuring out how but that’s something to do in the next months.

If my health permits I’m gonna try to activate some ONFF references too (as OT4V/P). And of course hunting WWFF references as much as possible !

So far my goals and dreams for 2015 concerning the radio-hobby. How about yours ?

©2015 ON4VT

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