I don’t have to repeat I’m a great fan of digital QSLing (LoTW, eQSL and HRDlog). And of digital award chasing …

For some awards I want to make an exception, like this eWAS award for confirming the 50 USA states with eQSLing. A nice looking wooden plate in “USA-shape” with engraved lettering, a must have for every dx-ham skack !



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4 Responses to eWAS

  1. Joerg says:

    That looks very nice, still need 3 more eQSLs for my eWAS…how are the dimensions of this plaque?

  2. DVT says:

    25×15 cm

  3. Fred says:

    Did you have that custom made? I *really* like it!

  4. DVT says:

    Hi Fred , once 50 states confirmed at eqsL;cc you can order it at a price of 60 dollar …

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