The first “HEX” QSO’s

Of course the best way to test an antenna is making QSO’s …

And the first test was a big success … DV1VHK has the honnor of being my first “HEX-QSO“. Followed by YD4IRS and VU3DJQ

All 3 stations  no copy on the vertical …


PS. I started also to use HRDlog … all my QSO’s will be uploaded automaticly

©2014 ON4VT


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1 Response to The first “HEX” QSO’s

  1. Roel DV1VHK says:

    Danny, signal from your new HExbeam is booming here in the Philippines. I used a Diamond W-8010 long wire dipole antenna on our QSO. Catch you on the other band.
    Roel DV1VHK

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