ON4VT – OT4V 2015 statistics and figures

2015 was a very busy ON4VT year. See below the amount of QSO’s I made with 6 different calls.


It’s clearly that eQSL is gaining popularity among hams. LoTW is following but used a lot more in the USA than in the rest of the world. Paper QSL is still popular, seeing the figures about the OUT QSL cards.

RCL_logo_200I’m only paper QSL’ing on reply or via the OQRS Clublog function (see my QRZ.com pages). 99,9% of the OUT QSL was via the BURO. A million thanks to the QSL manager ON3AR of our local club (Radio Club Leuven) and to the UBA QSL BURO for a fantastic job! The UBA QSL BURO is working fine so no need to QSL direct! I PREFER DIGITAL QSL’ing.

I activated 56 WWFF references (World Wide Fauna & Flora), 1 in Holland. Also 2 WCA (World Castles Award) references and 1 BMA (Belgian Mill Award) reference

During the month of november I used the “OP“-prefix to remember World War 1.

The plans for 2016? All depending on my health situation, as you might know alreay I’m a chronic pain patient. Pain rules my life but I’m trying to make that part of life as little as possible. With ups and downs.

So here are my goals for the year 2016 :

  • Activating more WWFF (maybe some in LX, DL or F ?). Up to 100!
  • Chasing more WWFF references, some SOTA and NPOTA
  • Completing 40m WAS mixed mode (still need both Dakota’s to finish it)
  • Enjoying all kind of DIGI modes
  • Hoping for KH8/s to come ion the air for my last DXCC

Happy New Year 2016 !

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1 Response to ON4VT – OT4V 2015 statistics and figures

  1. VK5PAS, Paul says:

    Hi Danny,

    It was a pleasure to get you in the log many times during 2015, both as an activator and a hunter. Lets hope we work many times during 2016.

    Best 73, ’44’, and HNY 2016,


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