QSL code of conduct

Have been writing about my QSL policy already. And I’m proud to add the “QSL code of conduct” logo to my websites.

qslcodeofconduct transI’m encouraging the use of electronic QSL cards. I love eQSL, the nice looking eQSL’s I’m loading in a digital photo frame and let them play continiously in my shack. In that way enjoying them all the time, much more than a paper QSL in an album or box. OK they do not count for awards but figure out for yourself how many paper QSL cards you are really using to get an award ?

I will QSL to you the way YOU want and the way I get YOURS. (direct, buro, eQSL, HRDlog, Clublog, QRZ.com, LoTW). Without any cost !

©2015 ON4VT

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1 Response to QSL code of conduct

  1. Bas PE4BAS says:

    Thanks, really appreciate your support! 73, Bas

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