Yes we can !

Have been doing some nice experiments on 40m lately. With the nice group of friends we have on FB (K0TAZ Kansas, N7ORY Idaho, NV6R Nevada, W5TMP Louisiana) we’ve been trying to make a 2 way JT65 QSO. With the 6 band worked ON4VT award in mind this has become a nice competition for my US friends ! But also for me, I never completed WAS on 40m so this is a good opportunity to do so and have at last my 5BWAS award Mixed mode.

The best time to make the QSO to the Mid-West and West-Coast is around my sunrise till 15 a 20 after. That we figured out already during the last weeks. Realise that I have only a modest multiband vertical and 100 watts output.

My 6-band vertical ECOMET 10-40 meters up 6m

My 6-band vertical ECOMET 10-40 meters up 6m

In the last days we all had one way decodes of each other but never made the 2-way QSO. We really play it fair, FB is a help but not a way to cheat …

And today was the big day …. at 07:09 UTC John, NV6R reported me he had a good copy on my CQ … the sequel is in our logbook !



A perfect 2-way QSO between ON4VT and NV6R on the 40m band … my 44th state MIXED … John made my day !





By the way, the count for 6-band worked ON4VT is as follows :

NV6R : 4 bands

K0TAZ : 5 bands

N7ORY : 5 bands

W5TMP : 4 bands

©2014 ON4VT

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