Olivia … the magical mode !

munecos-goma-alambre-bendables-popeye-y-olivia-oil-blister-4005-MLA115227388_7840-OI’m testing out about all available digital modes for HF. The one I get stuck on for a long time is the Olivia mode. I put it on the 1st place in my favourite DIGI mode list. Olivia is amazing, brilliant error free for ragchewing !

What is Olivia ? Read all about it on http://www.oliviamode.com/ and you will have an idea what and how.

Don’t expect a lot of activity in this mode but being daily QRV it always give me a world wide log.

Around 14073 you can often find stations in the Olivia 8/250 mode. Sometimes 8/500. Around 14107.5 there is a lot of Olivia 32/1000 activity (channelised 14106.5 and 14170.5) Also try around 7043.  Always in USB mode on the transceiver.

About what you can expect in Olivia, here some eQSL from Olivia QSO’s

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1 Response to Olivia … the magical mode !

  1. PE4BAS Bas says:

    Have been on Olivia several times. Unfortunately it takes a lot from your radio. At least when you have a chat, which is normal in Olivia mode. Last time my old Icom-706 went glowing hot using this mode and I had some strange faults after the QSO. So, I let Olivia go till I have a radio that stays cooler. 73, Bas

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