Antenna works

antennas_010I never had a loop antenna. I know it works well for DX so I started dreaming to build one for the 40 meter band.

First step was setting up a pole to hang up the antenna. In the local army shop I found fyberglass poles, lightweighted and solid.


With the big help of ON7YZ, ON3EVO (+XYL Kim), André and my lovely XYL Huguette about 9 meters of pole is installed in the backyard. In the top 3 pulleys to elevate all kind of antennas …


The 40 meter homebrew dipole with “ugly” RF choke was the first installed antenna. Used it already for some time (even used it on my first OT4V/p activations). So that was an easy one. I need this dipole to work the EU WWFF stations.

OK, the 40m deltaloop was the next project. Searching the internet I came across this design from DJ0IP :  the “40 meter mono delta-loop“. I made it exactly the size as on the design and it was my lucky shot : SWR under between 1.2 and 1.4 all over the band, without cutting anything. Can I do better ?



First DX contacts with the Delta-loop :




In the future some more wire antennas might be elevated … 30m deltaloop ? 60m dipole ?

Stay tuned !

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One Response to Antenna works

  1. Bas PE4BAS says:

    Well done Danny. Excellent those fiberglass poles. I use them as well to hold my 80m horizontal loop. 73, Bas

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