ONFF-0508 Beneden-Nete Anderstad activated

OT4V_ONFF508This was what they call a “last-minute-activation”. The WX was not too bad and before the rain and wind hit Belgium I decided to go out : ONFF-0508 Beneden-Nete Anderstad in Lier (AN), an all time new one on the list.

A very windy place with lots of water around. A very creepy wind blew when I put up the antenna.


Started on 40 meter with a good EU run and finalised on 20 meter with another hugh pile-up. 259 QSO in less than 2 hours (117 minutes). Not a bad QSO rate … All SSB, no CW this time as the CQWW CW contest was going on … and after the SSB run I was too tired to handle the key for some WARC activity. Sorry for the CW guys !

4 continents (EU, AF, NA, AS), 36 DXCC, best DX W1OW, several EA8‘s and 4Z4DX.

Logs are uploaded to eQSL, LoTW and Clublog OQRS (for those who want a paper QSL please use this feature on my QRZ.com page).

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