SOTA Summits on the Air

2007_sota_150Our RCL-clubmember ON4UP Peter activated some Belgian SOTA references last week. For those who are not familiar with it, SOTA means “Summits on the Air“. In short, HAMs climb a summit and make radio-contacts. SOTA is a well organised group of chasers and activators. Most of the summits already have a unique reference number (more info on You can apply for awards by working summits but also for activating summits. Sure take a look at previous noticed website and explore the summits, even with links to Google maps  and a list of previous activations). Well done, except the way to upload your log. It took me two days of headbreaking issues to upload my log from HRD to SOTA … why not using the standard ADIF log ?

Ther’s is a lot of SOTA activity on the bands. You can follow the activity on the website. In a few days time I succeeded in working about 30 unique summits, spread all over Europe :


One of the most beautiful QSO’s was with LA9XGA. He’s a well experienced SOTA activator in the Norwegian mountains. Check out his very nice website :  LA9XGA



Seeya on the summit !

©ON4VT 2015

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