EP6T, I’m enjoying it !

Some HAMS take DX’ing really serious. Working a DX station seems to be a vital need. Must have been acting the same when I was a youngster. Now as an aged HAM (yes already 25 years licenced, time flies) I’m just following it at the backline. And I maybe enjoy it a lot more than he time when I stressed myself up for the next pile-up.


Most of all I’m enjoying the clusterspots and the comments on them.

1. 10.123 EP6T “Not a beep here   Must be the most stupid and worthless spot ever …

2. 10.123 EP6T “Bad operator   May only well-skilled operators join a DXpedition ?

3. 10.123 EP6T “PSE 20m RTTY  WTF are you gonna decide what band and mode the DXpedition will work

4. 10.123 EP6T “Just wkd TNX QSO Ego-spots, we don’t need your log spotted …

Take away above spots and the DXcluster will be much more accurate.

But I’m enjoying them … lol. And that’s what my HOBBY has to bring me : FUN !

Don’t see you probably in the pile ups ! 73

©2015 ON4VT

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1 Response to EP6T, I’m enjoying it !

  1. Bas PE4BAS says:

    Good example of some worthless spots on the cluster. Yesterday I saw a fight going on via the cluster of two english stations, they used the cluster like a chat channel. Totally stupid! But if you are at the sideline it’s fun to watch. And overall some people take this radio hobby all too seriously. 73, Bas

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