Playing with (exotic) modes Part #5 OLIVIA

I’ve been QRT for more than 10 years. In my previous radio life I worked RTTY, SSTV, PSK, HELL and some PACKET. Nowadays the amount of (digital) modes is endless. So lately I started to play with as much as possible modes. I like to share with you my experiments. Keep in mind this are my personal toughts, you might have a complete different idea about some modes !

Part #5 OLIVIA

munecos-goma-alambre-bendables-popeye-y-olivia-oil-blister-4005-MLA115227388_7840-OThis keeps me in mind : you develop a new mode and you call it OLIVIA … why ? Fan of Popeye the Sailor man ?  Well I don’t know and may be it’s better so. I like this mode ! Most activity is in the 32/1000 and 8/250 submode. If you find any activity, so far I found  only a handfull of stations on the band (mainly 20m and some on 15m). You can follow the Olivia activity at . The second station I ever worked in Olivia was WH2HAO on Guam Island … no pile up, no QRM … wonderful !  This mode allows ragchewing what I miss in some other digital modes like for example JT65.

Thoughts and experiences in other (exotic digital) modes to be published in the next days – weeks – months

©2015 ON4VT

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3 Responses to Playing with (exotic) modes Part #5 OLIVIA

  1. Bas PE4BAS says:

    Guam, that’s nice on Olivia. Last year I discovered a small Olivia net on 80m. 3596KHz Olivia 32/1000. Olivia is very robust but you need to have time to make a ragchew QSO. 73, Bas

  2. DVT says:

    I have plenty of time and patience is a part of it Bas ! 73 Danny ON4VT

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Bas, hi Danny, kijk naar de FB group “Fernschreiber”, da kunt u en afspraak met mij maaken voor OLIVIA. Ik werk vaak op woensdag van 20 uur op 3588 in OL8 / 500. Heb een leuke avond, Tom DF5JL

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