Playing with (exotic) modes Part #4 JT65 & JT9

I’ve been QRT for more than 10 years. In my previous radio life I worked RTTY, SSTV, PSK, HELL and some PACKET. Nowadays the amount of (digital) modes is endless. So lately I started to play with as much as possible modes. I like to share with you my experiments. Keep in mind this are my personal thoughts, you might have a complete different idea about some modes !

Part #4 JT65 & JT9



JT65 is one of my favourite modes. Made a lot of QSO’s in this mode lately, resulting in WAS and 112 DXCC‘s spread over all continents. The JT modes, developed by K1JT Joe Taylor, are very well for weak signals, decoding up to -28dB signals if soundcard and transceiver are optimised well. Hint : never use any digital noise reduction on the transceiver, neither any RX amplifier. I tried 2 programs simultaneous, WSJT-X and JT65-HF. Must say that the WSJT-X software wins the battle, more sensitive than the JT65-HF program. Disadvantage on this mode is you are restricted to 13 characters to send at once, ragchewing is not possible.  But lots of activity on all bands, you can’t miss this one!


Thoughts and experiences in other (exotic digital) modes to be published in the next days

©2015 ON4VT

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