Playing with (exotic) modes Part #1 SSTV

I’ve been QRT for more than 10 years. In my previous radio life I worked RTTY, SSTV, PSK, HELL and some PACKET. Nowadays the amount of (digital) modes is endless. So lately I started to play with as much as possible modes. I like to share with you my experiments. Keep in mind this are my personal thoughts, you might have a complete different idea about some modes !

Part #1 SSTV

In the 90’s I was one of the leading SSTV stations in the world (see SSTV part of this web). My interest in SSTV decreased when the auto-correcting-slant software (like MMSSTV) was introduced. The term “Digital SSTV” triggered me to have a look again at this mode. Installed Easypal and tuned in on 14233 … A code is transmitted so you can download also the transmitted picture via internet. What a bullshit is this (sorry for the word). After 2 received pictures over and out, I even didn’t take the time to figure out how to transmit. The possibility to retrieve your RX picture via the internet feels to me like cheating. We are RADIO AMATEURS not ?

Tried out the SSTV part of my (payed) HRD software. Seems to be a bug inside so doesn’t work well. Installed MMSSTV as I saw EVERYBODY is using this software. The performance of this program is amazing. Very good sync-start, easy to handle. Unfortunatly not much activity anymore and still everyone packed on 14.230. Have been sending tons of CQ pictures on 21340 and 28680 without any answer … pity !  Worked 2 new DXCC’s : 3B8 and HI ! I’m at 196 DXCC SSTV now !

Fascinating is the narrow-band SSTV on 10132 (30 meter band). So far not too much stations active but one to try ! (G1BTF picture is received on 30m in N-SSTV). I’m daily sending CQ pictures on 10132.

Thoughts and experiences in other (exotic digital) modes to be published in the next days

©2015 ON4VT

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