40m ups and downs

I have been daily on 40 meters JT65 from about 1 hour before my sunrise untill about 1 hour after … nice to see the band going up and down … one day good, the other day poor, one moment top, 5 minutes later wide open …

I’m working on my Worked All States JT65 on 40 meters … still way to go (29 states in the log) but a nice challenge. Have to reshape my opinion about my modest vertical … it’s not that bad on 40 as I thought it was. My RX is better than the TX (100w at the max) but I cannot complain with some W6 and W7 states in the log, even two KL7 Alaska stations worked lately. Must say that my Yaesu FTdx1200 is performing also very well in the RX part.

Some 40m highlights of the last days :

Good friend Rob N7ORY (Idaho) worked after many days of trying … he has lack of sleep now and hardly recognises his YL but we made it ! Sorry Danita ! He is now the proud owner of 6BworkedON4VT #004 !



A bit frustrating : W7MGB (Wyoming) calling and calling me but does not decode me !


Barry, ZL3ACU, daily with a good signal from New Zealand :




We keep trying …  daily around my sunrise (+/- 7h15 UTC) at 7076 JT65. Seeya !

©2014 ON4VT

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