Preparing for ONFF activation

I’m preparing everything to do a first ONFF activation … I will be active as OT4V/P … ONFF will be a new one (never activated before), more details to follow …

ONFF-logo_smMade this RF-choke and dipole the other day … SWR top on 40 meters and tunable on 20 and 17 meters with 50w output of my TS570D rig …

I’m now only looking for a power source so I can be on the air for a few hours using +/- 50w output in SSB and CW … any advice ?

dipole1 dipole2

©2014 ON4VT

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One Response to Preparing for ONFF activation

  1. OE4VIE says:

    Hi Danny, looking forward to your first ONFF activation, myself using an Power Bank with 15000 mAh which works great with my KX3 5W. QRP , you sure need more capacity when running 50 watts with your TS-570, my antenna is just a 10m fishing rod with 10m wire vertical and 1-2 radials, works from 10-40m with antenna tuner.
    CU 44! Joerg OE4VIE

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