My QSL policy

My QSL policy is simple : eQSL and LoTW are highly prefered (and FREE!!). My logs are uploaded very often to both websites.

Paper QSL only if YOU need one. I answer all direct and buro cards without any additional cost (no $$$)

eqsl_saveourwoodsIt’s sad to see that even non-DX stations ask 3$ for a direct card. I even discovered a station asking 1$ for LoTW QSL … shame !!!

In my opinion LoTW and eQSL should be used by every station. During the years I have collected thousands of QSL cards, now aging in shoe boxes that  never will be opened again.

Of course DX-peditions and rare DX-stations can ask for $$ but let everybody make the choice between paying for a QSL or not. No paying = no digital QSL is not the right ham spirit in 2014 not ?


My present eQSL :




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